Monday, December 26, 2011

What I did.

I shouldn't be posting this I don't know why I am. I got to Jayson's and he took me in and told me to set up. He lives in a tiny apartment. It's not very nice but he doesn't seem to mind. Apparently his parents live in another city but he moved out here for the school system. At least that's what he told me when we first met. When I met him today he told me that was a lie and there was a lot we needed to talk about but first he needed to call a friend who could help me. I went to the room he told me to and I laid down but then... I heard him on the phone just a few words "Hello Mrs Trowess" He was calling my parents. The bastard betrayed me. It was then that I heard the voice. It told me I couldn't let him finish the call. I grabbed the nearest thing I could find. It was a large ornate rock. It was very pretty. It's not anymore. I took it and I ran into the room. When he saw me his eyes widened with shock and he pulled out a night stick from I don't know where. Luckily I was faster I hit him in the face and he toppled back. I hit him a few more times until he stopped squirming. Finally when I stopped I realized he wasn't breathing. I'm not a medical professional but I knew he was dead. I killed him and yet I feel no remorse. He was with them. He wanted to kill me too. I'm going to stay here for a bit but not long my parents might still come because of the phone call.


  1. Oh... Oh god Jayson.... Marcinius he was calling me. The Choir manipulated you. We could have helped you... Please don't listen to the voices anymore! Come see me as soon as you can.

  2. Listen to the Doctor, Marcinius. You're in danger but not from them. Take Proxiehunter's advice too. Be on the lookout for mold and ripples.

    Please, they're trying to help you.

  3. You should have waited. I truly wish you had. Too late now..