Sunday, December 25, 2011


My parents have been acting weird today. They've been spending a lot of time talking a lone in their room and there was a call from the psychiatrist I picked it up and my mother hurriedly grabbed the phone from me. I Picked up the words "problem" and "Tonight". That was a little worrying but... I decided to eavesdrop at the door and I heard them talk. It wasn't sleep paralysis! It was my parents. It makes no sense but they talked about it they even mentioned the knife! They're planning to kill me... They've been too worried to actually do it yet but they said for sure they'll do it tonight that's why they were on the phone with the psychiatrist he's in league with them. None of this makes any sense but I know I have to run! I'm going to grab my stuff and hide out with Jayson for a while until I figure out what to do. He lives on his own so I won't have to worry about his parents telling mine. I can't believe any of this...

And during the holidays of all times...


  1. You sure you weren't hearing things kid? Weird question, you seen any strange looking grey mold on the walls of your place? Or maybe a ripple in the air between you and someone talking?

  2. This sounds rather... suspicious.

    I'd say leave for a while. Think this through, please.

    Proxie, I hate to say it, but we're probably thinking the same thing.