Monday, January 23, 2012

Everything is fine now.

And everything will always be fine. It's been a long time but here I am. My friends got me a computer and told me I needed to tell you what happened so I am. After I killed that traitorous bastard Jayson the voice spoke to me again. They told me that I would never be safe. My family would hunt me down as long as they were still alive. They told me what I needed to do. I rested there for a few hours then I went home I borrowed Jayson's nightstick he wouldn't be needing it anymore. When I got home the psychiatrist was there He was about to knock on the door so I snuck up behind him and hit him with the nightstick. He was much taller than me and I couldn't reach his head but a blow to the shoulders was enough to startle him and that was all I needed. He stumbled and as he turned I managed to hit him in the chest he collapsed against the door and I began hitting him repeatedly. The nightstick was not a very suitable weapon it took far too long to kill him. After I finished him off I went inside. My parents were in the living room. I went into the kitchen and got a knife the nightstick had proven ineffective. As I was heading back to the living room I realized the irony of this situation and so I scraped the knife against the wall as I approached they heard this and both turned and watched me with fear. I was overjoyed by the abject terror and disbelief on their faces. I had caught them totally by surprise and they knew they should never of tried to turn against me. I stabbed my father first I'm not too good at this killing thing I missed and got his arm he attacked me and tried to get my knife from me but my friends helped me. I'm not sure what they did but he suddenly let go and fell back. I struck and this time I got him in the throat then I turned on my mother. She screamed at me telling me how much she hated me and how she had never loved me. She continued even after I slit her throat. The deed was done but my friends helped me again. They told me it wasn't over. Everyone on this street must have known. They were all against me. I headed back outside to finish the job. I went to my neighbours first and rang the door bell. It took them a while to answer. The plan didn't work as expected. They saw me through the window I had forgotten to hide the knife and they must have called the cops. A few minutes later there were police cars all around me. I fled into my house but they chased me. They refused to understand that it had to be done. Everything after is a blur. My friends handled the trial and got me put in a special institute. At least I'll be safe here. Besides the doctors say I'll be let out tomorrow. They say that every day.